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Complete Cleaning Company is a family-owned Chicago-based commercial cleaning company founded in 1971. For over forty years we have been dedicated to janitorial services and are a leader in customer service and long-term client satisfaction. By specializing in auto dealerships, schools, libraries, offices & manufacturing, medical facilities and financial institutions, we have the specific experience necessary in those types of facilities to offer solutions and recommendations that will save time and money.

Every business relationship begins with an on-site walkthrough to thoroughly understand your unique situation and what type of commercial cleaning services you require. We’ve built a reputation for performance excellence with customers who have a variety of needs.

Our staff is essential to our success and we hire only the best commercial cleaning professionals. Our employees are highly trained and have the most advanced equipment available in the marketplace. We always employ the latest technology to help us to do commercial cleaning better and faster, which ultimately saves you money.

If you’re interested in learning more about the clients that we’ve serviced in your specific industry, please complete the form below. As a courtesy to our client relationships and their confidentiality, we’ve opted to provide references upon request only.


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